Refund Policy


We have a 3 day money back guarantee, but we have some conditions on it –

Refund Applicable

1. If we are not capable of providing your desired tools access after payment within 24 hours then you can ask refund. (Full Refund)
2. If your single tools plan goes down and we are unable to provide you technical support for more than 48 hours long then you can ask refund. (Pertial Refund applied)

Refund not Applicable

1. If you are a group tools user/package tools user, and there any one/two tools are not working for a long time or something then you can’t ask for refund. 
2. You can’t ask for a full money refund after 3 days later of your subscription activation of any tools or packages.
3. If we think or notice any unusual activity from our automated or manual system, then we can cancel your order or access anytime without any notice. Also Sometimes we can asked to check your Facebook profile activity for a quick check. Because sometimes many reseller or spammer take service from us anonymously or from a fake account then share our tools with others. If you not share your Facebook profile then we can cancel your order without providing any refund. This is very serious issue so you have to follow our terms and rules.

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