Compulsory Service Agreements

Terms and Conditions

Updated on 6 March, 2022

Supported Devices for access tools.


All of our tools only works from Desktop or Laptop. If you want to use our tools from MOBILE then please leave away. Please do not ask direct login credentials for any tools/software at all. We have our own Cloud Services and also have our build-in Google Chrome Extensions for providing our software access to the customers.

Devices limit and sharing restrictions.

Our services are only for a single person so you cannot share, resell them with anyone.
We are allowed 2 devices for users. We mean to say “Only one person can use our services from 2 different devices which can be located in Home+Office.
Our system only allowed “One Successful Logged in User” at a time. Only one person can work from only one device at the same time.
Our services are already very low cost so you can purchase multiple subscriptions for multiple users. If we detect sharing of our tools/accounts with others, we will immediately ban your account.

If you are a agency owner or managed a large team, this is not for you. Go tools official sites and purchase through your credit card.

Our tools are just for one person who works from home and office. This type of service should be ignored if you have a large team or own an agency or company. Because we build our system in such a way that we give as much as a person can use as much as his work. Too many times when someone tries to use our services or tools we ban them without any notice.

We have Manual access system for local payment like bkash, rocket, nagad and automatic access system for international customers.


Bangladeshi Customer – When a person makes a payment in Bangladeshi Bank, BKash, Rocket, Cash or any local currency, we give him manual access. In that case you need to enter your live chat inbox on our website and give your payment screenshot and username to get access.

Foreign Customer – When someone pays via PayPal or Stripe, they get instant access. In that case you have to pay on our website and then you will get access to your tools or package from the my account page.

To activate your subscription, you have to inbox our Facebook page with your REAL FACEBOOK PERSONAL ACCOUNT. If you inbox us from any fake profile, page profile, a profile without any activities then you will not ask for a subscription activation request. In that case, you will not ask for a refund because we are not providing any refund for minor issues. Learn more about Refund Policy.

Policy about downgrade or upgrade your service

If you want to downgrade or upgrade any package or tools then you should inform us within 3 days when you have started your subscription. After 3 days later, you can’t make any request for any downgrade or upgrade activation. 

SEOTOOLBD have all the rights to change any package, remove any tools, add any tools, cancel or ban your subscriptions anytime from anywhere for any kind of situations.

We have all the power to do this things. Sometimes some tools company may ban/cancel our subscription, then we take time to fix this tools or sometimes we removed that tools temporary or permanently. If you are a new users of this tools in our platforms we will make your refund. If you are spend more than 3 days on this tools we will not refund you but provide you a choice to exchange any tools from the active tools list. 
If you are trying to share your access with others, with your friends, with collegue, with girlfriend/boyfriend or If you buy a subscription with 2/3/4 people then try to use it, then you should always keep distance from our service. We have activated many types of systems and software to capture all these harmful activities.

Do you offer Refund?

We have a 3 day money back guarantee, but we have some conditions on it –

Refund Applicable

1. If we are not capable of providing your desired tools access after payment within 24 hours then you can ask refund. (Full Refund)
2. If your single tools plan goes down and we are unable to provide you technical support for more than 48 hours long then you can ask refund. (Pertial Refund applied)

Refund not Applicable

1. If you are a group tools user/package tools user, and there any one/two tools are not working for a long time or something then you can’t ask for refund. 
2. You can’t ask for a full money refund after 3 days later of your subscription activation of any tools or packages.
3. If we think or notice any unusual activity from our automated or manual system, then we can cancel your order or access anytime without any notice. Also Sometimes we can asked to check your Facebook profile activity for a quick check. Because sometimes many reseller or spammer take service from us anonymously or from a fake account then share our tools with others. If you not share your Facebook profile then we can cancel your order without providing any refund. This is very serious issue so you have to follow our terms and rules.

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