Terms and Conditions


1. Our services are only for a single person so you cannot share, resell it with anyone (also you cant use with your team). Our services are already very low cost so you can purchase multiple subscriptions for multiple users. If we detect sharing of tools/accounts we will immediately ban your account.

2. Our services are only for small entrepreneurs and small organizations, we do not allow heavy usage of tools we have approx 1:30 ratio of tools, if you have heavy usage please directly subscription of specific tool otherwise we might detect and ban your account.

3. Our billing is only with Paypal/bKash/Rocket/Bank for 30 days usage, beginning from the 1st date of payment in which the bill will run until 30 days later.

If for any reason you don’t want to continue billing, Please let us know.

When your 30 days subscription period ends, your access will not work and you will not be able to login to our tools.

4. To avoid tools from spammers, leechers and bad users we have a verification process.

5.  We Do not provide Guaranty 24 hours uptime of any tool. It’s shared account and sometime you might face a limit issue (rare case). You need to understand that.

6. You cant change package/ add/remove tools within the current month of subscription. But you change after each month of subscription.

7. No Refund is provided at Any Condition. It’s a Group Buy Tools sharing service, the nature of the service is different from other services, it’s difficult to maintain uptime with these kinds of services, we try our best to provide the highest uptime to our customers so that we can retain them. We know if our service quality is not good customers will not stay with us, we already know this, therefore, we try our best to provide maximum uptime, however, if sometimes tools go down, please let us know via support we will try our best to make it available for you.